‘Really liked these clippers’

dog clippersAs this site is all about user experiences, I’ll let C. Smith do the talking:







Way back, 10 years or so, I went to grooming school and started with some basic clippers. The problem with these was that they couldn’t go through the thick coats of some dogs so I switched to an Andis model. I have to say, I couldn’t have made a better choice I think.
I have some pro tips for you:
When you set the clippers to its fastest setting, the blades will get kinda hot. Don’t worry, any clippers that go fast enough to go through dogs thick coat will get somewhat hot.
All you need is 2 sets of blades and enough cooling spray. Just remember to spray your blades while grooming and you’ll be fine. When they get too hot anyway, just switch the blades and keep them on rotation.
I have 2 Golden Retrievers and the have the thickest and fastest growing coat I have ever seen. When I run this model on high speed I have no problem cutting through it at all. I’d say these clippers get a 5/5!